Human Capital Development

Human capital is described as the skills, training, and health acquired through on the job training and education. Michael Pakistan Park defines it as, ”The skill and knowledge of human beings.” It is also defined as the “endowment of abilities to produce that exist in each human being.”

if a company encourages and aspires to carry out human capital development (HCD), employees are seen as valuable assets with quantifiable value that can be increased through specific and measurable management techniques and human capital development solutions.
Human capital is the fundamental source of economic growth. It is a source of both increased productivity and technological advancement. In fact, the major difference between the developed and developing countries is the rate of progress in human capital. The underdeveloped countries need human capital to staff new and expanding government services to introduce new systems of land use and new methods of agriculture, to develop new means of communication to carry forward industrialization and to build the education system. Prof. Galbraith is right in saying that ”we now get a larger part of economic growth from investment in men and improvements brought about by improved men.”

Grittyplus Consulting Limited is a SOFT SKILLS Training and Need analysis organization. At Grittyplus Consulting, we are motivated and driven by passion for Change! A New Nigeria.  As a soft skill training organization, we are particular about corporate representation beyond the work environment since we are aware that the image of an organization is as good as the image of her personnel.

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