Grittyplus Consulting Limited is a SOFT SKILLS Training and Need analysis organization. At Grittyplus Consulting, we are motivated and driven by passion for Change! A New Nigeria. As a soft skill training organization, we are particular about corporate representation beyond the work environment since we are aware that the image of an organization is as good as the image of her personnel.


It is no longer a digression that classroom knowledge and working skills are two divergent skills even though without the former the latter cannot be guaranteed. The Grittyplus Graduate Employability skill training is a project by passion geared towards repairing the imbalances occasioned by our educational system and professional skills required for life which are usually not stressed in the four walls of academics.

As a recruitment and outsourcing firm, our experience has shown and reveal the “Huge Gap” in terms of what employees have to offer and what employers are looking for. This is the Gap at Grittyplus we seek to merge.

 Employers of labour in today’s torpid market are not only interested in your certificates but are mostly interested in multiple vital skills capable of achieving near the impossible. Graduate Employability Skills with Internship is a set of attributes, skills and knowledge that all labor market participants should possess to ensure they have the capacity of being effective in the workplace – to benefit themselves, the employers and the wider economy. It is an average of fifteen (30-35) hours per week meetings with practical Class Interactions, Role Plays, Experience Sharing, Case Studies, Video Sessions Assignments, Presentations & Internship



English language, just like any other language has its own peculiarities and style which helps you to learn and practice the skills of speaking English right which invariably projects and impacts positively on your image. It is possible to be an effective speaker of English Language without mother tongue interference irrespective of your background. Fluency in spoken English is not subject to color or race.

Every language has some basic skills and style its learner must master before you can lay claim to be competent in its usage. Learning & Speaking English Language is no exception!

Grittyplus – Diction programme has been designed to specifically bridge the gap created by the inadequacy of our teachers and serve as a continuation –in the learning process. Our Diction program is like boarding a fast moving train of change.


The deficiency or gap in the educational system in Nigeria, Informality and the use of Pidgin English in place of English Language in our everyday conversation has not help our situation in Nigeria as an English speaking Nation. These challenges are responsible for the problems that affect our use of English language today and the result is that people write and speak error-filled English. It has been discovered that no matter how good or pretty your ideas may be; the thought of not knowing how to deliver it is enough to silence the initiator even in a social, political or religious gathering to mention few. It is common say at Grittyplus, becoming proficient in English Language is like an investment – Saving for the rainy day – be wise! Since no one is born with the intellect, it means, you can improve on yourself through personal development.


Building Leadership from the Cradle is Grittyplus Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  initiatives with the vision to impact, motivate and develop future Nigerians in the area of leadership characteristics such as; Self Awareness, Integrity, IQ & AQ, Social-Behaviour,  and Adventure Experiential Learning (AEL), given that the future of our nation Nigeria rest solely in their destiny. It is targeted towards Teenagers and Young adults.


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